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It's important that foreigners understand their tax obligations in Portugal and consult with a tax advisor and/or Portuguese accountant before making the leap, especially before filing the first tax return. Skip directly to the Finances/Tax section for documentation.


High Commission For Migrations / Alto Comissariado para as Migrações

This is a Portuguese Commission for both Immigrants to Portugal & Portuguese Emigrants. The ACM website answers many common questions about living, studying, and working in Portugal. Read this first as a general overview.

If you are a foreigner establishing residency (temporary or long-term) in Portugal: is for obtaining a visa for Portugal, AIMA is the official website for Portuguese Immigration, and CNAIM is the immigration support centre once you’ve arrived.

  1. VISTOS (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) – Portugal visas portal
  2. AIMA – (FAQs) Agency for Integration, Migration and Asylum / Agência para a Integração, Migrações e Asilo
  3. CNAI / CNAIM – National Immigrant Support Centre / Centro Nacional de Apoio à Integração de Migrantes 


The DRE (Diário da República Eletrónico) is the official website for Portuguese legislation, some of which is translated into English but for reading purposes only (not legally binding). The following is the DRE’s guide for investors, but it is useful for ALL foreigners doing their research and due diligence as it provides a summary in English AND provides the law reference.

You can also search for topics in an alphabetized list. If the site defaults to Portuguese, you can toggle the language to English in the top right corner.



Eurofinesco’s library has a section for Americans with a list of important information. See the tab US Nationals in Portugal:

Eurofinesco’s section for Americans

UK Government Guide To Living In Portugal

The website has a section for assistance and services in Portugal for UK citizens, but other English speakers will find it helpful as some of it is applicable to ALL foreigners.

Sections include: applying for a European Health Insurance (EHIC) Card, getting documents legalized, residency, healthcare, driving, a list of medical facilities and practitioners, travel advice, translators and interpreters, car importation, support of British citizens abroad, UK benefits, and voting.

Portugal - Facts & Figures

Latest report from OECD: “How’s Life In Portugal?” (June 2023) / read PDF online

Finances / Taxes

Portuguese Culture, Customs and Etiquette

Cost of Living Indices and Comparison Tools

Searching For A Home In Portugal

Casa Pronta is a government service to assist with real estate formalities. (Available only in Portuguese.)

Real Estate Guides in English

Note: there is no MLS (Multiple Listing Service) in Portugal.

Properties can be listed in classified advertising sites, agency sites, or unlisted and advertised only by a phone number in a window. We’ve made three lists below where ads can be found, with some overlap.

Includes furnished/unfurnished, short-term rentals, property sales, under construction, etc.

** Watch out for FRAUDULENT LISTINGS — especially on Idealista! Contact us if you’re unsure, we will review the ones in question.

Furnished rentals only

Real estate agencies

Calculating Electricity Costs

Moving Pets To Portugal

European Portuguese Language Learning

Basic lessons

From intermediate to advanced

  • Practice Portuguese – study materials for European Portuguese learners (recently, offering more basic lessons for beginners as well, not just for intermediates/advanced)
  • The EP Experience – European Portuguese language and culture blog by Luís Domingos
  • Portal Da Língua Portuguesa – Portuguese language portal, an organized repository of linguistic resources

Online dictionaries, translators, and grammar assistance

  • DeepL – more accurate for Euro PT than Google Translate, also has apps for computer and phone
  • – (here’s PT/EN), also has an app
  • Reverso – a contextual translator
  • Microsoft Translator (note: sometimes better EU text, but you need to choose the European Portuguese voice) – also has an app
  • Google Translate (note: tends to favour Brazilian PT) – also has an app
  • Conjuga-me – this site will conjugate Portuguese verbs
  • Priberam – Portuguese dictionary

Mobile apps

Translation Services

Emergency, Crime Prevention & Related Community Services




Post Office

Post Office Locations and Services (EN)


Within Portugal, try DPD (part of the post office):

Within EU

Online Marketplaces

Consumer Advocacy

  • DECO (lots of comparison tools for companies and service providers)

Beach Directories for Mainland Portugal

Services For Expat Communities

  • AFPOP (Association of Foreign Property Owners of Portugal) – expat association based in Portimão (Algarve), founded in 1987; membership fee provides a range of services for foreigners in Portugal

Expat Blog* directories, Portugal

Expat Information/Blogs*/Forums

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Establishing residency in Portugal is a process with many steps. Find out how we can make it easier for you.

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