We always try to find a good match between clients and our service partners. Sometimes it’s a matter of geography, availability, or other criteria. We do not work for commission. We are paid by our clients, not by referrals.

We only refer service partners who we know and trust


We have a lawyer on retainer and law partners in three different firms serving Porto, Lisbon, Setúbal, and the Algarve.

Specialty areas: property, immigration, tax, contract law, and Golden Visa.

We have a lawyer in Porto with a contract review service to ensure your lease or employment contract is not only legal but fair.


We work with licensed agents across different agencies for long-term leases or purchasing property. We choose them based on competencies and feedback from their clients, we do not seek commissions from agents.

We have assistants on our team (independent of agents) to screen your choice of rental listings and make appointments for viewings. If you are not in Portugal, the assistant will video conference home viewings and communicate with landlords.

Accountants & Tax Experts

We work with accountants  in different parts of Portugal.


We work with private insurance brokers around Portugal who translate policies into English and will assist foreign clients with making insurance claims.

As we are continuously adding to our list of referrals:

  • Let us know your needs and we will be happy to connect you with the partners most suitable to your situation.
  • Did you have a superb experience and want to refer a service provider to us? Feel free to send us their details.

Establishing residency in Portugal is a process with many steps. Find out how we can make it easier for you.

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