Updated February 22, 2024
Prices are subject to change without notice.
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We offer 2 fixed-fee relocation service packages:

Our STANDARD and PREMIUM relocation packages include NIFs, bank account opening, guidance, our most commonly-requested services, plus large discounts on ad hoc services (20% off the housing package and 50% off our lawyer’s contract review when it’s not part of the housing service). Both packages must be initiated with a call booked through the consultation calendar to determine eligibility and to avoid overbooking the team. The consultation fee is deducted from the final invoice if either the STANDARD or PREMIUM service is contracted.

HOUSING SEARCH services are charged separately.

Do you need more than an hour of consulting time?

  • Our CONSULTATION BUNDLE is a service package consisting of a total of 120 minutes (2 hours) of consulting calls. Note that NIFs, bank account openings, and housing searches are not included in this service, the Bundle is a series of timed calls, onlyThe first call is booked directly in its own calendar and the rest is booked manually. The consultation bundle calendar is ideal for those who need more consulting time, and sometimes has openings earlier than the 1-hour consultation calendar. 
Some of our most popular ad hoc services are: HOUSING SEARCH for long-term rentals, importation of household goods, driver’s license exchange, and assistance with vehicle purchases. Please contact us to request the current fee table.
Per-hour billing depends on the specific service and whether the service is handled by a junior (30€/hr), senior (65€/hr), or consultant (100€/hr). Contract reviews by our lawyers are 150€ per contract for the general public (Standard/Premium clients pay discounted rates). Please contact us to inquire.
Fiscal Representation for the NIF (Portuguese tax number) is only offered as part of the STANDARD and PREMIUM services. We do not offer Fiscal Representation as a separate service. However, we can provide referrals for obtaining NIFs remotely. We do not receive compensation for referrals. Bank account openings are only offered as part of the STANDARD and PREMIUM services. It is not offered as a service on its own.


For those who need more consulting time, with up to 2 hours of calls divided into shorter segments to take action between calls.

The consultation calendar for 1-hour calls tends to book quickly. If you already know more time is needed, skip the 1-hour calendar and book directly in the CONSULTATION BUNDLE calendar.

  • 300€ – paid at booking
  • up to 2 hours of calls (phone or video), starting with date booked in the Bundle calendar
  • conferencing time can be divided into shorter calls

If upgrading to Standard OR Premium services, the deposit for these services are waived and the 300€ paid will be deducted from balance due. 

The fee is NON-REFUNDABLE but can be transferred or taken as credit, which does not expire.

  • 850€ for the first adult
  • 425€ for second adult (same household)
  • 85€ per dependent (same household)

A NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT OF 200€ IS DUE AT CONTRACT SIGNING, with balance due when visa applications submitted. Deposits can be transferred or taken as credit, which does not expire.


Includes assistance with:

  • booking appointments
  • NIF
  • bank account
  • videoconferencing calls across the timeline
  • translating application documents to Portuguese
  • reference letter
  • one rescheduling of appointment in Portugal
  • preparing for first appointment in Portugal
  • arranging airport transfers
  • two hours of orientation (pre-landing or post-landing, either in person or online)
  • 20% discount for housing search
  • 50% discount for lease review by our lawyer (if booked without the housing service, or an additional review)
  • initial consulting fee deducted from final balance

  • 1200€ for the first adult
  • 600€ for second adult (same household)
  • 120€ per dependent (same household)

A NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT OF 200€ IS DUE AT CONTRACT SIGNING, with balance due when visa applications submitted. Deposits can be transferred or taken as credit, which does not expire.


 Includes everything in the STANDARD service, plus 6 of our most common requests:

  • assistance with updating NIF address with Finanças/AT
  • assistance to obtain health number (Número de Utente) from SNS/health authority
  • assistance to obtain NISS (Portuguese Social Security number)
  • assistance with driver’s license exchange
  • importation of personal goods
  • utilities set-up


Housing search for long-term rentals is an ad hoc service by our team, charged separately at 1000€ for 15 hours of work and time-tracked using Clockify (overage is rare and charged at 65€ per hour). We search only for leases which will be registered with the tax authority and include one lease contract review by our lawyers with this service. There is a 200€ non-refundable deposit payable upon contract signing. Please contact us for more details.

Our STANDARD and PREMIUM service clients are waived from the deposit, receive a 20% discount (200€ value) off the housing search package and a 50% discount (75€ value) on the lease review fee by our lawyers as an ad hoc service on its own (without a housing search).


In 2020-2021, we did not charge for minors or dependents due to the uncertainty of the pandemic making Family Reunification unpredictable. We resumed charging for dependents in 2022, at 20% of adult rate. Since 2023, we’ve reduced the fee to 10% of adult rate.


For questions related to EU citizens and their families, please send your message through the contact form.


Relocate to Portugal is based in Porto, but electronic communication has made it possible for us to assist you, wherever you are. If you need assistance in person outside of the Porto area, we’ll refer you to our partners closer to where you’ll land.

We have associates in the Lisbon area and Algarve.

We’re here to answer your questions, help you do your research, and guide you through the next steps.

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