Consultations are opened a maximum of 2 months in advance.
If there are no dates available, we have reached capacity. We do not keep a waiting list.
Payments are non-refundable, but the credit is transferable and does not expire.

Client intake for STANDARD and PREMIUM services begin with a consultation, booked into the calendar.
CONSULTATION BUNDLES have their own calendar. The date booked is only for the first call in the series.

Anyone interested in ad hoc services can contact RTP directly for these services without booking into the consultation calendar.

100 € (includes 23% VAT)

What to expect in a consultation? Thorough answers to your specific questions. Make a list and fire away.

Need in-depth information?

For those who need more time, we have the Consultation Bundle which includes up to 120 minutes of calls booked in a separate calendar. The bundle can be divided into calls of different lengths to suit your needs, and you will be able to choose the dates and times.

Calls can be via Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, Teams, Google Meet, or phone. Consultations can also be booked for a meeting at our Porto office for the same fee. Payments are made securely via Stripe. After booking the call, you will receive:

1) a confirmation email from Calendly;
2) a reminder email 48 hours in advance for 1-hr Consultations or 72 hours in advance of the first call in the Consultation Bundle service. 

(Check your spam folder if you have not received a confirmation.)

Gail Aguiar, Consultant

Relocate to Portugal was founded by Gail Aguiar in 2017. She’s been interviewed about Portugal by the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, the Toronto Star, CNN, and other media outlets.

Gail moved to Portugal in 2013 from Toronto, Canada, after working most of her 30s on Bay Street in capital markets, government, and economic research. Her academic background is in Anthropology.

After living in six countries on four continents, expatriating four times and repatriating twice across three decades, she was ready to slow down. 10 years in Portugal marks the longest she has ever kept a single address in her life.

A professional photographer since 2008, Gail continues to produce original content (articles and photography) of her travels around Portugal, commissioned by travel and tourism brands including Expedia, AirTransat, and Lonely Planet.

Gail is also a published author. Her latest major work is co-authoring the first edition of the Lonely Planet book Experience Portugal (Porto, Douro Valley, and Braga chapters), launched in March 2022 and available wherever books are sold.

For more information about Gail and Relocate to Portugal, please see the ABOUT page.

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