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Relocate to Portugal originated in 2015 with Gail Aguiar conducting private orientation tours of Porto by request. The focus was to provide practical information about life as a foreigner in Portugal.

In 2017, Gail formed Relocate to Portugal by developing administrative services, then selecting associated partners for law and real estate.

Relocate to Portugal grew to a team in 2019, expanding administrative support to other areas such as home search, assistance with registrations, lawyer contract reviews, and interpretation at appointments.

Note: Fiscal Representation for the NIF is only offered by RTP in person and as part of the visa service. It cannot be purchased from us, nor obtained from us via Power of Attorney. However, we can provide referrals for obtaining NIFs and opening bank accounts remotely.


There are 2 types of pricing, with 23% IVA added to all invoices:

  1. 2021 fixed price pre-arrival service starting at €300 base fee for the first applicant, with discounts for the other family members;
  2. Ad hoc covers a wide range of services billed at €12-40 per hour base fee depending on the service, and time-tracked. Or we may provide a quote for the specific service.

Pre-arrival services are provided mainly on a fixed-price basis, depending on the scope of the work. For those who need only document reviews and assistance in a specific area of the application, hourly billing is available starting at €50/hour (40.65 + tax).

Assistance with home searches and post-landing services such as booking and attending appointments with clients at SEF, Finanças, IMT, Junta de Freguesia, Centro da Saúde et al, are time-tracked and billed based on time, between €12-25 per hour (depending upon the assistant). There is a minimum charge of 1 hour.

Our research team works on custom projects such as medical specialist searches, vehicle importation cost analysis, and more. 30€/hr or by quote.

Our assistants are fluent in Portuguese, French, and English.

To find out more, book a consultation with Gail Aguiar by phone, WhatsApp, Skype, or Zoom.

How does Relocate to Portugal make the landing less bumpy? By providing:

  1. Guidance through the processes of establishing residency in Portugal;
  2. Due diligence in ever-evolving immigration procedures and public policy;
  3. Curated partnerships for legal representation, real estate, and accountancy.
  4. A team of multilingual administrative assistants to reduce the stress of navigating procedures in a foreign country, in a foreign language.
  5. A network of resources for day-to-day life.


References for our work are provided upon request.

Gail Aguiar, Relocate to Portugal

Gail Aguiar, Consultant

Gail Aguiar is a migration specialist, a former resident of five Canadian provinces and six countries on four continents. Besides expatriation, she has also repatriated twice in the past three decades. Her travels have taken her to 41 countries thus far.

Gail is a migration outlier, part of a minority of expats who did not move for work, study, retirement, or as an accompanying partner. Of her four expat moves, one was with the aid of a lawyer.

Prior to moving to Portugal in 2013, Gail worked in economic research, equity research, marketing research, human resources, and the Canadian public service (Ministry of the Attorney General of Ontario). Due diligence has always been part of her work ethic and ingrained sense of responsibility. If a move to Portugal is inadvisable under the circumstances, she will be forthcoming about why.

Gail has been a weekly solo volunteer in a migrant detention centre in Portugal since 2015. Her dedication to volunteering in this environment not only enriches her life, but the experience has deepened her knowledge of immigration law and its effects upon a wide demographic of migrants and their circumstances.

During her academic studies in Anthropology, Gail started a personal blog in 2002 which features a large catalogue of photography and information, with the spotlight on Portugal from 2011. She’s written more than 6,100 posts to date.

A professional photographer since 2008, Gail’s website has imagery from her travels in all 18 districts of Continental Portugal, Madeira (including Porto Santo), and five Azorean islands: São Miguel (where she got married in 2013), Terceira, Faial, Corvo, and Flores, with four to go. All the images in RTP’s website and social media accounts were taken by Gail.

Gail’s knowledge of Portugal has led to interviews in the Financial Times and Toronto Star, in addition to Portuguese media (newspaper, radio). She’s written articles and licensed photographs of Portugal for Expedia, AirTransat, Lonely Planet, and other travel-related companies.

Gail lives in the Porto metro area with her Portuguese husband and rescue dog from Guimarães.


Relocate to Portugal is based in Porto, but electronic communication has made it possible for us to assist you, wherever you are. If you need assistance in person outside of the Porto area, we’ll refer you to our partners closer to where you’ll land.

We have associates in the Lisbon area and Algarve.

We’re here to answer your questions, help you do your research, and guide you through the next steps.

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