Relocate to Portugal, LDA
helps foreigners establish residency in Portugal

  • We are an administrative services group supported by lawyers, researchers, interpreters, and consultants.

  • We provide services for both non-EU and EU citizens.

  • We help clients find housing, set up utilities, assist with buying and importing cars, exchange driver’s licenses, locate medical specialists, research schools, assist with enrollment, and more. We have interpreters for marriages, real estate transactions (deed signings), and other business matters.

  • We also connect individuals and families to our network of professionals in law, accountancy, real estate, insurance, banking, and business in Portugal.

Importantly, we answer your questions about the practicalities of living in Portugal with frankness and honesty. Portugal is not for everyone, but it may be for you. Find out more by booking a consultation below.

Book a 1-hour call to gather more information, properly understand the challenges, and prepare solutions.

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